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RF MORECOM COREA is a worldwide leading wireless communication provider of RF & Microwave components and module and systems in South Korea based on high-end Technology in RF&M/W passive and active design and development and manufacturing applicable to wireless communication and telecommunication, military application, and aerospace.

The company produce Filter/Duplexer/multiplexer/Combiner/Divider/Switch filter bank module /PA module/UCU/RF Sub module, and RF repeater.

RF MORECOM COREA is established 2006 year as small & Medium company for RF and M/W design and development expert, and it’s strong point is over 20 years experienced Engineering capability with advanced design and development solution providing shorter sample schedule and best customer support and high quality and cost-effective price solution.

We provide a customized products up to 40GHz based on customer’s requirements under ISO9001/14001/TS16949 qualification system.

In the commercial market, we provide Filter/Combiner/Divider/PA module/RF repeater which are to support like CDMA, GSM, WCDMA,LTE, and 5G market mainly supplying them to worldwide global customers including tele-commuincation and broadcasting market.

And In the military application market, we develop and produce high end technology solution such as Filter/combiner/divider/ switch bank/UCU/RF/IF sub module, etc conforming to customer request.